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Apex Legends Launches Season 9 and Its 3v3 Arena Mode, Servers Promptly Crash – IGN



Apex Legends Launches Season 9 and Its 3v3 Arena Mode, Servers Promptly Crash – IGN


Conquer with character in Apex Legends, a free-to-play Battle Royale shooter where legendary characters with powerful abilities team up to battle for fame and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier.

Franchises:Apex Legends

Genres:Shooter, Battle Royale

Platforms:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

Developers:Panic Button, Respawn Entertainment

Publishers:Electronic Arts

Features:Online Versus Multiplayer

Release Date:February 4, 2019

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How to Get The Maestro’s Collection – Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide – IGN



How to Get The Maestro’s Collection – Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide – IGN

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After encountering Donna Beneviento and Angie, you’ll come across Luthier’s Key in the Gardener’s Shack, which can be used to access The Maestro’s Collection. This is another treasure that can be found on your map, and this section of IGN’s Resident Evil Village Wiki Guide details where to find it and what’s inside.

Collect Luthier’s Key

After you complete your time at House Beneviento and defeat Angie and Donna Beneviento, return to the Garden area near the lift.

You can now head up through a nearby gate on the left to reach the Gardener’s House (the same gardener who left a note about the locked house in the Village).

Inside the house is a Save Point, Luthier’s Key to the village house, a Gardener’s Diary File by the bed, and some Explosive Rounds.

Unlock Luthier’s Door to the Maestro’s Collection

Now that you have obtained Luthier’s Key from the Gardener’s Shack near House Beneviento, you can now return to West Old Town and unlock the door for it. The house is located near the house with a red chimney.

The main treasure here is located in a cabinet with a combination lock, so you’ll need to look around for clues. There’s a paper with the model number of a violin – but ignore that and instead look on the same table for a scrap of paper that says “I will never forget her fifth birthday”.

Head to the kitchen and look in the corner to spot a small happy birthday drawing with a date on it: 27, 09, 17. Input it into the combination lock, and you’ll find both a Steel Hraesvelgr treasure and a chest with an F2 Rifle – High-Capacity Mag, which you can combine into your rifle!

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Find Liara T’Soni – Mass Effect Wiki Guide – IGN



Find Liara T’Soni – Mass Effect Wiki Guide – IGN

Before We Begin

Before getting into the level, we have a few notes to make. First, Ashley, Kaidan and Tali all have unique dialogue in this level. You’ll also want to make sure that your squad is capable of Easy Decryption to get all the loot in the level, so Kaidan and/or Tali are good choices.

Second, you can get a slightly alternate version of this Mission if you delay tackling it. If you complete Feros and Noveria before tackling this one, Liara will have greatly alternate dialogue when you meet her. If you save this Mission until after Virmire as well, she’ll also have alternate dialogue back on the Normandy.

Saving this Mission until absolute last is also very handy if you intend to Romance nobody in Mass Effect 1 and choose someone in 2 or 3. This is because Liara is rather eager to start a Romance with Shepard; saving her until last means she simply won’t have enough time to establish a Romance, simplfying things in the next two games.

Finally, there’s curiously no Morality Points awarded during this entire Mission, so feel free to pick whatever options you feel like!

It’s time we find Liara T’Soni. Her location is well-documented both in-game and on your galactic map, but in case you’re a little lost, this is all you have to do. From the Milky Way map, head to Artemis Tau, and then to the system called Knossos, the top-right system.

From there, you’re looking for a planet near the star named Therum; it’s the second planet orbiting the star, North-West from it and just past the inner asteroid belt. Its description says it has Prothean ruins, which is the perfect place to find our scientist!

Journey in the Mako

Your journey (in the Mako) will start off fairly unassuming. If you take a look at our map above, you’ll see that the first fourth of the map or so is simply a drive. There are no items of interest, and no enemies to stand in your way. Enjoy this quiet time, though, because it’s just about the only quiet time you’ll experience on the rest of your journey through Therum.

As you get to the thicker part of the passageway leading back to the northwest, you’ll see and hear a Geth ship fly in over your head. It will deposit some Geth soldiers that you’ll have to deal with. Don’t worry too much about them — stay in the Mako and use your missiles, supplemented with machine gun fire, to eliminate these enemies before they become much of a threat.

If you’re playing the original version of Mass Effect from 2007, you will suffer a -50% XP penalty for any kills made by the Mako (-60% on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties). If you’re brave and skillful enough, you can whittle their health down, then step out and make the kill on foot, giving you much more XP!

If you’re unable to avoid being rocked by enemy projectiles, try to tuck the Mako into a corner against the mountains to eliminate most of the enemy target. And remember, if your Mako is getting destroyed, be sure to use some Omni-Gel to repair it before moving on.

After the initial onslaught of enemies is destroyed, begin driving North-West. It won’t be long before you run into a Refinery overrun by Geth and guarded by three Turrets. Take them out if you really, really want to, but in any case you should look on your map to locate a detour in order to get into the Refinery. It is more cramped here, there’s only one Turret here to worry about.

Flanking them on the detour will allow you to make your life a hell of a lot easier. In the Refinery, you’ll be dealing with a variety of mobile Geth units and gun turrets alike, so it’s smartest to take them all out from afar before heading into the base camp.

Now, there are two buildings that can be breached here, and both of them should be. Each has a lone Geth soldier and a gate switch. Hit both switches, kill both Geth enemies, and collect all of the goods in the area, found in the rooms flanking the two gates. In the East Gate’s rooms are an Upgrade Kit and a Storage Locker with Easy Decryption. Outside the North Gate on the right is a Locked Crate with Easy Decyption, and a Weapon Locker in the North Gate’s Switch room guarded by a Geth. You can also find two Crates behind the South wall.

We actually recommended opening both gates for a simple reason. While only the North Gate needs to be opened, the East Gate is the one with Turrets guarding it. Destroying all of them will net you some more experience (which is always in short supply) before you move forward, and you have better cover from inside the Refinery. After destroying those turrets, you can then drive out of the bNorth Gate where, for a while anyway, things will be quiet.

Your drive will be uneventful for a little bit more, but as the map shows, you’ll end up running into a few pockets of Geth enemies en route to the tunnel on the west side of the map. The enemy encounters before the tunnel will come in three distinct waves, but all are similar and are easy to combat as long as you stay in the Mako.

We mentioned it earlier, but it can’t be mentioned enough. When fighting with the Mako, be sure to use Omni-Gel if it gets badly damaged. If it’s destroyed with you in it, you’ll be out of luck.

When you hit the tunnel, drive on through. It’ll be all quiet in the tunnel, but when you reach the far end of it, you’ll have to deal with even more enemies. Since the tunnel ends on high ground, much higher than the enemies below you, try to kill them from afar. As has always been the case in warfare, even futuristic warfare in a video game, the high ground gives you a distinct (and inherent) advantage.

The rest of the drive to the tunnel at the North-West end of the map is just about the same as the rest of the drive on this lengthy map. You’ll meet more pockets of Geth resistance, the staunchest and most difficult of which will be guarding the far tunnel. There’s a large Geth enemy, the Colossus, that’s especially annoying to combat, but be patient, take cover, and pummel him with gunfire to eliminate him. Thereafter, taking the final tunnel will lead to an all-new part of Therum — the Ruins.

Approach the Mining Camp

You’ll emerge from the initial map to find yourself in the Therum Ruins. As soon as you reach the end of the tunnel, head on down the incline and do battle with the weak Geth waiting for you there. Then, drive the Mako until you can’t seem to drive it anymore. The rocks are blocking your path, so the Mako is no longer an option, but conveniently, there’s a hole big enough for you and your party to fit through. Head on through the hole to continue.

It’s at this point, when you’re on foot, that things start to get a little bit crazy. You’ll be assaulted by enemy wave after enemy wave as you begin to head along the linear path towards the next section of the ruins. The Geth aren’t necessarily difficult to defeat here, it’s just that there’s a lack of cover, and they have that aforementioned height advantage since they initially control the high ground. But it’s this deadly assault that’s all together dwarfed by what occurs after it’s quelled.

As you reach the northernmost part of the path, a cutscene will take place. You’ll see a bunch of Geth, of varying strengths and styles (including new frog-like Geth), take their positions and assault you all at once. You are most certainly at a disadvantage here, both in terms of numbers and firepower. However, with consistent, smart fighting, defensive maneuvering, and smart use of skills, this is a battle you will survive. Be absolutely sure you aren’t flanked by any enemies (the best way to do this is to simply keep an eye on your radar), and be especially wary of missiles that will eliminate you in one hit. Not having that Mako hurts more than you could possibly imagine.

Explore the Mines

As you can see above, the ruins start getting smaller and smaller, and four maps cover the span of one. We won’t bore you with the mundane details of most of the grindwork getting through these tunnels; for instance, the first tunnel is relatively void of enemies, except for a few Geth you can kill from above (you’ll see what we mean). On the second tunnel (which is accessed from the elevator you’ll find), you’ll meet more enemies, and yet another elevator. For now, it’s all easy, but there’s a Med-Kit around the corner of the first elevator at the bottom if you need it.

Eventually, you’ll reach what seems to be the bottom of this tunnel area. Things are destroyed, and the situation seems dire. Liara, who you’re here to rescue, will appear in a short cutscene. Then, you’ll be left to your own devices. You’ll have to free her, but you’ll no doubt notice that, like on the other floors of the ruins, there’s a blue barrier blocking you from accessing half of the ruins. This is where Liara is being kept, and your job is to get beyond the barrier. Make sure to save your game before proceeding, though. The fighting gets tough ahead.

If you’re playing the original version of Mass Effect from 2007, you can exploit an XP glitch here by saving and reloading. This lets you talk to Liara again and earn the XP a second time. Save and reload again, repeating this trick as many times as you want!

You’ll be ambushed by the Geth on the ground level, and there’s little cover around to use, so being aggressive is your best bet to survive here. When you’ve downed the Geth threat, look for the Storage Locker and Weapon Locker on the two tents on the left, both with Easy Decryption.

What you’ll need to do next is use the Mining Laser Controls to bore a hole in the ground so you can get to Liara. To activate it, you’ll need to enter a four button code, which will different depending on your platform:

  • PC: The code is randomly generated.
  • Xbox: A, X, B, Y
  • PlayStation: X, Square, O, Triangle

Once you’ve done that, the Mining Laser will shoot a hole in the ground below, allowing you to effectively circumvent the blue barrier, and rewarding you with XP and Omni-Gel. Liara can be saved shortly.

Head on down into the hole created by the laser and use the control panel inside the lower room to rise up to her. Turn around and talk to Liara, and you’ll be able to free her from her Prothean confines. But you won’t be able to just leave. Of course you won’t. A boss fight awaits.

A Krogan, accompanied by some of his Geth friends, want to eliminate the party. In fact, while they want Liara alive, preferably, they’re so hell-bent on ending this mission posthaste that even killing her would be acceptable at this point. The Krogan, being by far the most powerful enemy in the entire enemy party, should be concentrated on.

The main thing to remember here, other than the obvious (such as using skills and healing when needed), is to run away and find cover immediately as the battle begins. Since you start the battle in such close proximity to the Krogan and his Geth friends, you’re asking for trouble if you don’t run away and gun from afar. Regardless, when they’re all felled, you’ll soon find yourself back on the Normandy, safe and sound, and with a new character in your party.

Back on the Normandy

You needn’t worry too much about the dialogue you pick, becuase you don’t get Morality Points for any choice you make. The exception is with your mission report to the Council: Disconnecting frequently will frustrate them in later calls.

Now that you have done another Mission World, you’ll have more things to do, including Codex Entries on the Normandy, new discussions with Kaidan, Ashley and Liara herself to learn more about them, and new Side Quests on the Normandy if this was your first Mission World.

While talking with Liara, you should make sure to ask her about herself before using any of the Investigate options; it’ll disappear as an option if you pick something within Investigate.

If this is your first Mission World, this will be your earliest chance to spark a romance with Kaidan or Ashley, depending on Shepard’s gender. When talking with Ashley, avoid picking “You’re out of line!” if your Paragon, as that will scare her straight and end the conversation.

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The Children of Danu – Locations and Guide – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide – IGN



The Children of Danu – Locations and Guide – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide – IGN

Last Edited:

This page of the Wrath of the Druids DLC guide contains information to help you find and assassinate all the Children of Danu members. The Children of Danu is a radicalized cult that is trying to sabotage High King Flann’s unification of Ireland. The cult is composed of Irish Lords and High Druids. These druids use mystic arts to enhance their abilities and kill their foes.

When Can You Fight the Children of Danu?

The Children of Danu order tab in the menu is unlocked once you start the quest, Potion of Blood. In this quest, you travel to meet Ciara’s Druidic friend Deirdre and are informed that the high-ranking cult members carry bloody shards of amber that contain mystical powers. This also unlocks the Children of Danu quest. You cannot find any Children of Danu members or clues until this quest is unlocked!

Children of Danu (Quest)

Completing the Children of Danu quest requires finding clues to reveal the location of each order member. Some clues can only be obtained through quests, while others are scattered throughout Ireland. After assassinating all 10 Children of Danu order members and collecting each one’s amber shard, deliver the shards to Deirdre at her house in Asfinn. This is necessary to unlock the quest, Amber Sun, and obtain the mythical spear Gae Bolg!

Children of Danu Tied to Quests

Though all the Children of Danu require the Potion of Blood quest to be completed for them to appear, some members are specifically connected to certain quests. These are the members that are only found and eliminated via a specific story quest.

The Wren


The Wren is the subject of the Potion of Blood quest, and this will be the first order member you eliminate. Check out the Potion of Blood section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest. Eliminating the Wren reveals a clue for The Ash and one for The Cursed.

The Cursed

The Cursed is the subject of the Into the Fog quest. This is the quest immediately after the Potion of Blood quest. Therefore, The Cursed is likely to be the second member you eliminate. Check out the Into the Fog section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest. Eliminating The Cursed reveals a clue for The Deer.

The Seed

The seed is the subject of the The Wages of War quest. Check out the The Wages of War section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest.

The Oak

The Oak is the subject of the A Scourging of Snakes quest. This is one of the final story quests. Check out the A Scourging of Snakes section of the Wrath of the Druids Walkthrough for a step-by-step guide of that quest.

Children of Danu Without Quests

All these Children of Danu can be assassinated after completing the Potion of Blood quest. These members can be killed as soon as you find them. You don’t even have to search for their clues; you could just go to where the cultist is located and kill them! If you still want to find all the clues, this guide contains their locations too!

The Deer

  • Where to find The Deer: The Deer can be found on the northern shore of Ulster Lake in the port of Inch Lough Neagh. He’ll likely be inside the enemy camp that contains the Celtic Cloak. You must eliminate The Deer to reveal The Seed’s identity in the story quest The Wages of War.

  • Note from the Cursed – Obtained by killing The Cursed during the quest Into the Fog.
  • Note Found in Ardmel Trade Post – Ardmel is a trading post in eastern Ulster. The note can be found near the dock just outside the walls of the trading post.

The Ash

  • Where to find the Ash: The Ash can be found in Kesh Corann mines in the mountains northwest of Lough Gara in Connacht. It’s the same location where you can find the Druidic Breeches. There’ll be lots of enemies in the area. Consider equipping poison resistance runes.On the top side of the mountain, there’s a destructible wall blocking the entrance of the cave. Use the hole above the wall to toss a torch into the other side and blow up the wall.Enter the cave, and head to the level below. You’ll spot some crates in the corner of the area. Smash them to reveal a crack in the wall. Keep going until you reach the room containing The Ash and the chest with the Druidic Breeches. The Ash and his friend in the room like using poison, so keep an eye on your health.
  • Note Found on The Wren – Obtained by killing The Wren
  • Note Found at Ritual Site – Found at the druidic ritual site on the hill midway between Lough Rea and Lough Tuam in Connacht. It’s on a stone altar littered with skulls.

  • Note Found in Kiltober – Kiltober is a small enemy outpost on the rocky summit southeast of Rathcroghan in Connacht. The clue is on a table inside the tent on the southwestern edge of Kiltober.

The Blaze

  • Where to find The Blaze: He can be found burning fields and cottages north of Black Pig’s Dyke along the southern border of Ulster. He’ll likely be walking down the road with his Irish Wolfhound.

  • Note found on The Ash – Obtained by killing The Ash
  • Note Found on Gravesite – Found at the Gravesite near the waterfall in Bally na Gall, a burned village along the Bann River in southeast Ulster. The village is overrun with wolves, but you can avoid them by sticking to the cliff. Above the village, next to the waterfall you’ll see some graves. Use Odin’s Sight to find the clue on the ground in one of the graves.

  • Note Found at the Outpost – Found inside a burned farmhouse in southern Ulster. The farm ruins are about 320m S of Clogher and just N or Black Pig’s Dyke.

The Mist

  • Where to find The Mist: He’s on a small island outpost surrounded by gas in Ulster’s western bay. There’s very low visibility here. Combined with the teleporting powers of The Mist, your best approach should stealth assassination. This is the same location with the chest containing the Druidic Cloak.

  • Note Found on The Blaze – Obtained by killing The Blaze.
  • Note Found in Doon Daven – Found at Doon Daven in northern Ulster west of the Slaney River. The clue is on the rocks near the center of the stone circle.

  • Note Found in the Burned Fields – Found among the beached ruins of a ship in the Ulster peninsula west of Foyne Reservoir. The clue is on a large stone next to a wall of spikes.

The Spider

  • Where to find The Spider: She can be found walking around the Dublin markets. If you haven’t gotten all the clues to mark her, she might be tricky to find because she isn’t always in the same place. However you can still find her without locating the clues – here’s the trick!She tends to switch between two spots near the markets. Fast travel to the Kilchrist high point in the center of London. You can see both of the spots from that location (as shown in the image above). Either she’ll be at the little white shop with the animal skins or she’ll be below the triangular blue tent. When you search those two places, take out your bow and aim at who you think it is. You’ll know if it’s her if the reticle highlights her as an enemy!
  • Note taken from a Child of Danu – Can be obtained by killing The Blaze.
  • Note Won at Drinking Content – Obtained by defeating the drinking champion at Dublin’s alehouse.

  • Note Found Under Dublin’s Tree – Found on a bench next to the big tree on the eastern side of Dublin. It’s the same tree that at the Skard’s Rest Offering Altar.

The Whisper

  • Where to find The Whisper: She can be found roaming the boglands east of Inchroe. You’ll find her walking with her boar.

  • Note taken from a Child of Danu – Can be obtained by killing The Spider.
  • Warning Found near Boyne Tombs – Found at Boyne Tombs, a forested hill west of Rathdown Trade Post in northern Meath. The clue is on top of some crates at the top of the hill.

  • Prayer Found on Sacrificial Stone – Found on a table near a small chest next to the ritual circle west of the harbor along the Boyne River.

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